What do others say about Russ Wicks?

"We are proud to sponsor Russ Wicks and the American Challenge team in their record breaking pursuit.  Their spirit of innovation and desire to explore new frontiers is truly worthy of our support and helps restore the cool factor to engineering."
Robert "Buzz" Kross
VP Manufacturing Solutions Division, Autodesk Inc.

"American Challenge has an impressive roster of technical talent which is using forward thinking and the latest science to tackle a fascinating challenge.  Kudos to Wicks for having an imagination and using his abilities to assemble the necessary elements to turn his vision into reality."
Seamus Blackley
X-box Creator

"Wicks' courage, skill and dreams are inspirational.  He has the same unflinching drive as Great Britain's legendary Donald Campbell, who was the last man to hold the world water and land speed records simultaneously."
Art Davie
Producer, Mandalay Entertainment

"Wicks applied his past experiences to the drag racing environment and proved he has the ability to excel in this sport.  He was definitely in the top one-percent of our students, and the consistency of his last two runs in the Top Alcohol Dragster was simply amazing."
Frank Hawley
Two-time NHRA World Champion

"We are excited about working with Wicks.  American Speed King will combine the exciting elements of a David Blaine special, the thrill of an Evel Knievel spectacular, and a realistic behind-the-scenes look into the technical and human challenges that go into such a huge undertaking."
David Lyle
COO & GM, Fox Reality Channel

"Russ is a very presentable professional with a pleasant demeanor.  As exhibited by his success in motorsports, it is clear that Russ is a determined individual that represents himself well and who knows how to turn these assets into sales."
Merle McIntosh
Sr. Vice President, EGGHEAD.COM

"Russ did exactly what he needed to do getting acclimated to the car and the track. He took small steps and paced himself, gradually getting up to speed, which is the right way to progress."
Rick Mears
Four-time Indianapolis 500 winner

"I have been very impressed with Russ Wicks ability to handle the bit, and wouldn't be surprised to see him driving in competition in the future.  He is good looking and articulate, as well as very experienced in other forms of racing...and has the potential to be a real asset to the sport!"
Steve Montgomery
ESPN Commentator

"He has a real professional attitude and he approached it in a methodical step wise manor, and in doing that you learn and my confidence level went way up."
Ken Muscatel
Owner, Unlimited Hydroplane Team

"Russ Wicks has proven to be an innovative member of both the high tech and racing industries.  There are great synergies between SuperGraphics and Wicks - Our involvement with Russ is symbolic - we are both highly competitive with a desire to win."
Greg Root
President, SuperGraphics

"ClassMates was thrilled to be a part of this group of 'dot com' companies sponsoring Russ' record-setting run.  ClassMates by definition is a fun site to visit, and it was great to be a part of this fun, record-setting team."
Michael Siemion
VP Marketing, ClassMates.com

"Russ' unique background has provided him with a variety of experiences and he understands the importance of safety as the first criteria for each of his speed endeavors.  We're pleased that Wicks has chosen Impact Race Products as his exclusive safety gear supplier"
Bill Simpson
Inpact Race Products

"The first time you meet Russ Wicks two things strike you immediately: the firmness of his handshake, and the intense focus of his eyes.  It's not hard to see how this former karter and motocross child star made the big move into uncharted waters, and succeeded.  Like many American sportsmen, he has an engaging personality and the ability to articulate his thoughts."
David Tremayne
Editor, Formula 1 Magazine