Athletic Engineering: Training with Todd Pratt

Russ Wicks has trained with Todd Pratt at Athletic Engineering since March of 2003.

Athletic Engineering is committed to becoming the premier post-rehabilitation and performance training center not only in the Northwest, but in the nation.  Their vision is to significantly elevate the level of professionalism in the functional strength and conditioning arena to better develop the inner-athlete in everyone.  Their medical model, combined with a network of the best physicians, physical therapists, and leaders in the fitness industry, provides clientele with the highest quality of wellness services.

Athletic Engineering believes in utilizing sport/lifestyle-specific training, thus incorporating functional, multi-planar movement to prepare individuals for “real” biomechanic demands.  This approach is born from their experience in multiple facets of physical conditioning including speed and power development, aerobic endurance, core stability, proprioceptive awareness, neuromuscular facilitation, flexibility/mobility enhancement, and dynamic rehabilitation.

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