ESPN Speed World Features 30-Minute Show on Wicks

ESPN's Speed World broadcasted a thirty-minute documentary featuring Russ Wicks' world record-breaking water speed run.

The "Mile Record Run" special aired on December 1st with a rebroadcast on December 3rd, 2000.

The record had not been broken in nearly four decades, back when Roy Duby driving the Miss U.S. set the benchmark of 200.419 miles per hour in 1962, at Lake Guntersville, Alabama.

The most recent attempt ended in catastrophe in 1979 on Lake Washington, as Dean Chenoweth's Miss Budweiser became airborne and was virtually destroyed upon impact.  Chenoweth was injured, but survived.

The "Mile Record Run" show tracked the days leading up to the record run, and followed the trials and tribulations of the Miss Freei race team.  It contained behind-the-scenes pre-event activities and interviews, along with striking footage of the Miss Freei unlimited hydroplane at speeds of 220+ MPH.

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