'Guinness World Records 2005'

Russ Wicks' propeller-driven World Water Speed Record is listed in the recently published 'Guinness World Records 2005'.  Wicks' record can be found under Boats, Yachts & Ferries.  This is the third consecutive year, Russ' record is included, although it lacks a photo of the Miss Freei which was displayed in the 2003 edition.  'Guinness World Records 2005' is available at most Barnes & Noble and Borders Booksellers.

The book has gone on to become a record breaker in its own right.  With sales of more than 100 million copies in 100 different countries and 37 languages, Guinness World Records is the world’s best ever selling copyright book!

For more on Guinness Book of Records: www.guinessworldrecords.com