Wicks Featured on Sporting News Radio Morning Show

On Wednesday, March 17th, Russ Wicks will be a guest on the nationally-syndicated Sporting News Radio's "Murray in the Morning" show.

Every now and then, producer Rob Wuczynski attempts to stump the crew with a mystery guest.  At 8:25 AM EST, Wicks will join the on-air hosts (Bruce, TJ and Tanyette) to play "Guess My Gig".  Bruce and company are only permitted to ask twenty questions to identify the guest.  The questions must be "yes" or "no" questions.

After the contest, the crew will go into more of a general interview of Wicks and talk about his past accompishments and what's on the plate for the future.

The nationally-syndicated show averages 750,000 listeners every quarter hour and is syndicated in 125 markets including New York, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, Atlanta--and of course--Seattle!

For more on Murray in the Morning: www.murrayinthemorning.com