Unlimited NewsJournal Features Wicks' Record

The June, 2000 issue of the Unlimited NewsJournal featured a cover story on Russ Wicks' world record, titled "A New Benchmark".  The multiple-page article, written by Dick Sanders, touches on the history of the propeller-driven one-mile straightaway record, as well as provides a good insight into Dr. Ken Muscatel's Miss Freei team and the record run itself.

The Unlimited NewsJournal (UNJ), established in 1973, is published by Unlimiteds Unanimous, an enthusiast club interested in promoting and documenting the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing.  The UNJ is arguably America's finest source of unlimited hydroplane news and views.  The UNJ contains superb boat camp news, detailed race reports, race site news, photos, statistics, in-depth interviews, tech talk, history and much more.

The online version of Dick Sanders' story can be found at A New Benchmark

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