Russ Wicks Takes World Record Autodesk Stock Car to 237 MPH at Bonneville Salt Flats

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Utah, July 4, 2006 — A day after establishing a new World Stock Car Speed Record in a NASCAR-spec Ford Taurus of 222.623 miles-per-hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, world speed record holder Russ Wicks again pushed the limits of speed and technology.  In a game of speed and precision, Wicks took to the course in a modified version of the NASCAR Super Speedway Car to average 237 mph on a one way measured mile.

To enhance the design, speed, and stability of the vehicle for the race across the Salt Flats, the American Challenge team used Autodesk Inventor 11 software.  The team designed a new rear spoiler vital to the aerodynamics, built a custom belly pan, and added disc wheel covers—all having an impact on Wicks' ability to push the limits.

Russ Wicks' high speed run was certified by Mike Cook, Chairman of Bonneville Nationals, Inc., and was run in accordance with FIA timing and scoring standards for speed records.  The event was produced by the American Challenge Team and sponsored by Autodesk.

"Over the last few days there have been many hurdles to overcome to fulfill the dream of breaking Bobby Isaac's stock car record," said Wicks.  "I am ecstatic to have been able to do this here at Bonneville.  This could not have been accomplished without the incredible support of my family, my team, and my partner Autodesk."

The Autodesk Stock Car was built to NASCAR Super Speedway specification to compete on the high-speed ovals of Daytona and Talladega. While this type of stock car will regularly approach the 190 mile-per-hour mark in competition, for the World Speed Record run, it was trimmed to maximize straight-line speed.

Wicks is the only living person to hold world speed records on land and water above 200 mph.  In 2000, Wicks broke the longest standing major speed record in motorsports history, and he became the fastest person ever to take a propeller-driven boat through the measured mile.

About Russ Wicks

Russ Wicks has experienced excessive speed and is one of few people to have traveled over 220 MPH on both land and water.  Wicks' background includes Motocross, Formula Cars, Dragsters, and Unlimited Hydroplanes.  During 2000, Wicks broke the longest-standing major speed record in motorsports history, and he became the fastest person ever to take a propeller-driven boat through the measured mile.  For more information visit:

About Autodesk

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