400 MPH Water Craft Design to Be Unveiled at Miami International Boat Show

Miami, FL (January 15, 2002) - A Seattle-based consortium of successful business leaders, innovative technical engineers, and motor-sport professionals will introduce design details of a craft being built to break the World Water Speed Record.  Pilot for the craft will be American Russ Wicks, who recently broke the World Water Speed Record for propeller-driven boats.  Wicks will make several appearances at the February 14th - 19th Miami International Boat Show.

The effort known as American Challenge, is utilizing interactive 3D virtual prototypes in a CAD-neutral collaborative environment.  Extensive fluid dynamic simulation, wind tunnel modeling, and water tank testing will also be employed.  It will be the most powerful, most revolutionary vehicle ever to attack the World Water Speed Record.  The craft will be constructed much like a current military fighter jet, using the latest manufacturing processes.

About Russ Wicks

American and Seattle native Russ Wicks is the driver for the American Challenge team.  On June 15, 2000, Russ Wicks broke the longest-standing major speed record in motorsports history.  Wicks became the fastest person ever to take a propeller-driven boat through the measured mile.  Wicks piloted the Miss Freei Unlimited Hydroplane across the one-mile section of Lake Washington with an average speed of 205.494 MPH.

Wicks, who's background includes Motocross, Formula Car racing, and Unlimited Hydroplanes, believes this attempt on the 317 MPH World Water Speed Record is the next logical step in his career.  "Once I had successfully broken the propeller record, I focused my attention on bringing this record back to the states," explains Wicks.  Russ has experienced excessive speed.  He is one of few people to have traveled 205 MPH on both water and land.  In recognition of his achievements, Wicks has accepted an invitation for a VIP flight with The US Navy Blue Angels in February 2002.

About American Challenge

American Challenge, Inc. (ACI) has established the world's most innovative interactive business environment.  This collaborative setting creates lasting and meaningful business opportunities for each of ACI's technology partners.  ACI has obtained the best aerospace, hydro/fluid-dynamics, boat racing design and manufacturing expertise available anywhere in the world.  For further information www.americanchallengewsr.com