Russ Wicks is featured on National Geographic Channel

Thrill Zone: Extreme Powerboats

National Geographic Channel's "Thrill Zone: Extreme Powerboats" will include World Speed Record Holder Russ Wicks and the American Challenge Team.  The one-hour special is scheduled to air on Wednesday, September 7th at 8 PM EST.

The show will analyze the challenges and consequences of unlimited speed on water.  From Offshore Powerboats to Unlimited Hydroplanes, this program will uncover the science of design and the shocking results when supercharged watercraft slide, flip, submarine, and just plain disintegrate. Through the eyes of legendary builders, engineers, and racers, the show will reveal significant powerboat crashes and uncover the dynamic tension between weight, power and, altitude.

Extreme Powerboats was produced for National Geographic Channel by Michael Hoff Productions (MHP).  Well known for its riveting documentary films, MHP is a major international producer of non-fiction television.  For further information visit

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