Keynote Speaker at PLM World 2003 Conference

World Speed Record Holder Russ Wicks was the Keynote Speaker at the annual PLM World Conference on May 1, 2003, in Anaheim, California.  The annual PLM World conference is an extremely valuable experience for both users and managers of companies that use EDS PLM Solutions products.  The 2003 conference had over 1500 attendees from 500 different companies and 40 countries.

PLM World is an independent, non-for-profit organization.  Its mission is to be the Voice of the User in providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas within the EDS product environment. Membership is open to users of EDS Unigraphics, Metaphase, I-DEAS, and iMAN software.

Russ Wicks has committed to bringing the World Water Speed Record back to the United States. Wicks, currently known as the "Fastest American on Water", will pilot a revolutionary new craft designed to exceed 400 MPH.  The current record is 317 MPH, held by Australian Ken Warby since 1978.

On June 15, 2000, Russ Wicks broke the longest-standing major speed record in motorsports history. Wicks became the fastest person ever to take a propeller-driven boat through the measured mile. Wicks piloted the Miss Freei Unlimited Hydroplane across the one-mile section of Lake Washington with an average speed of 205.494 MPH.  The previous record had withstood all challenges for 38 years.

Wicks' next major speed objective, known as American Challenge, is a consortium of successful business leaders, innovative technical engineers, and motor-sport professionals.  American Challenge is utilizing interactive 3D virtual prototypes in a CAD-neutral collaborative environment. Extensive fluid dynamic simulation, wind tunnel modeling, and water tank testing will also be employed.  The craft will be constructed much like a current military fighter jet, using the latest manufacturing processes.

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