Rogers & Cowan Joins Russ Wicks to Break Quarter Century Old World Water Speed Record

LOS ANGELES, August 12, 2003 - American Challenge, Inc. (ACI), a consortium of business leaders, technical engineers and motor sports professionals focused on breaking the world water speed record, has selected Rogers & Cowan to promote and publicize its world record run.

Russ Wicks, founder of ACI, will pilot the craft that is designed to exceed 400 MPH, and is being constructed using the latest and most innovative technologies and manufacturing processes.  ACI has assembled aerospace, hydro/fluid-dynamics, boat racing design and manufacturing experts to build the craft.  Wicks is currently the "fastest American on water" and holder of the propeller-driven world record of 205.494 MPH.

"Our goal is to build awareness of the American Challenge world record run and raise Russ' profile as a sports personality," said David Nobs, general manager of Rogers & Cowan.  "We're very pleased that Russ and his team have selected us to assist them in this unique technological and marketing campaign."

Rogers & Cowan will provide media relations, personal publicity, event management, technology and interactive PR assistance for ACI, as well as corporate sponsorship and sales and marketing support.

"We feel Rogers & Cowan is uniquely positioned to help us in our efforts, not only because of their sports and entertainment expertise but their overall understanding of corporate sponsorship, technology and interactive marketing as well," said Wicks.  "We'll look to them to build the ACI brand and increase my exposure as the pilot and chief architect of this campaign."

In addition to Wicks, who boasts an impressive professional motor sports resume, which includes Motocross, Formula cars, Indy cars and Unlimited Hydroplanes, ACI has an experienced executive management team and well-rounded advisory board.

ACI's technical team was selected from among the nation's premier high-technology laboratories whose combined experience includes projects for NASA, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, Unlimited Hydroplane Racing and commercial airline manufactures.  They are leaders in the fields of structures, propulsion, fluid dynamics, stability and control, systems simulation, testing and validation, materials and manufacturing, and safety and speed record operations.

ACI's technical partners are world-class providers of technology and services.  Analytical Methods, Inc. and Electronic Data Systems Corporation bring critical tools, technology, materials and experience to the team in the areas of design, manufacturing, testing, and operations.

As the worldwide leader in entertainment public relations, Rogers & Cowan specializes in creating integrated marketing campaigns for entertainment, technology, and consumer clients utilizing a blend of publicity, promotions and product placement strategies.

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