Wicks to Speak to the Seafair Boat Club

Seattle, WA (October 20, 2001) - Russ Wicks, "The Fastest American on Water", has accepted an invitation to be the featured speaker at the annual meeting and board elections of The Seafair Boat Club.  The Seattle based organization provides marine management and logistics for the annual Seafair General Motors Cup.

Wicks will re cap the June 15th 2000 world record run, where he drove an Unlimited Hydroplane across Lake Washington and became the fastest man on water in a propeller-driven boat.  The event received extensive media attention including coverage by ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Sports as well as a 30-minute documentary featured on ESPN's Speed World.  "This invitation is a special opportunity for me to share an important and unique piece of World Water Speed History," explained Wicks.

The Seattle native will also outline some recent developments relating to American Challenge WSR, of which Wicks is the pilot.  The American Challenge team are planning an attempt on Ken Warby's 1978 world water speed record of 317 MPH.  Wicks, assisted by a consortium of top aerodynamicist and technology engineers are currently in the preliminary design stages of a craft, which will be built specifically for this record attempt.

About Seafair Boat Club

The Seafair Boat Club was officially formed September 16, 1975, and is the family group whose primary responsibility is to support the water oriented activities of Seafair.  These responsibilities include the Milk Carton Derby, the General Motors Cup at Seafair Hydroplane Race and the Special Peoples' Holiday Cruise in December.  The club organizes and brings together some 2,000 volunteers to accomplish these tasks.

In addition to supporting Seafair, and unlimited hydroplane testing on Lake Washington, the Boat Club also holds many activities for its members.  These include charity and social services throughout the year such as the KCTS Telethon, and the Multiple Sclerosis Walkathon.  We also have many family oriented social activities which include an Easter egg hunt, a summer picnic, the Commodore's Ball, the annual Christmas party and our annual trip to a Mariners game.

"We were excited to have Russ as a guest as his presentation was very interesting and informative," said Roger Werner of the SYC.  "SYC wishes him the best towards breaking the World Water Speed Record".  The presentation included a scale model and a video with animated footage of the craft design.

For more information on Seattle Boat Club: www.seafairboatclub.org