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American Challenge is a consortium of successful business leaders, innovative technical engineers, and motor-sport professionals focused on returning the World Water Speed Record to the United States.

International competition: American Challenge's announcement revives U.S. participation in a rivalry that dates back to the early 1900's.   America has a long-standing history of participation in World Record Challenges.   Currently, teams outside the United States hold both the World Water and Land Speed Records.

Patriotism: American Challenge will elevate American patriotism and showcase our country's leadership in aerospace and high technology.   America's passion for its space program illustrates what can be done when our country unites behind a dream.   The American spirit is built on remarkable accomplishments such as our commitment to put the first man on the moon.

An Extraordinary Endeavor: In a time when tens of millions of dollars are spent by many teams for the opportunity to challenge for a sailboat-racing trophy, The America's Cup, there are but a handful of people willing to pursue the challenge of being the fastest, ever.

Pilot: Russ Wicks has committed to bringing the World Water Speed Record back to the United States.   Wicks, who will pilot the American Challenge Craft, is currently known as the "Fastest American on Water".

Management Team: All members of the executive management team have proven track records, each having built successful public and private enterprises.

Technology Team: Members of the American Challenge Technical Team were chosen from among the nations premier high-technology laboratories.   They are leaders in the fields of:   Fluid Dynamics, Structures, Stability and Control, Propulsion, Systems Simulation, Materials, Manufacturing, Test and Validation, Safety and Speed Record Operations.   American Challenge has obtained the best aerospace, hydro/fluid-dynamics, boat racing design and manufacturing expertise available anywhere in the world.

Technology Partners: American Challenge has established the world's most innovative interactive business environment.   This collaborative setting creates lasting and meaningful business opportunities for the Team's Technology Partners.

Craft: The American Challenge craft is being designed utilizing interactive 3D virtual prototypes in a CAD-neutral collaborative environment.   Extensive fluid dynamic simulation, wind tunnel modeling, and water tank testing will also be employed.   The craft will then be constructed much like a current military fighter jet, using the latest manufacturing processes.

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