World Speed Record Holder
American Challenge World Speed Record AMERICAN SPEEDKING Television Show
Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk, Inc.

The American Challenge team made a major decision in the way it was designing its watercraft by parking their existing computer-aided technologies and replaced them with industry leading applications developed by Autodesk. The team will use Inventor; the world’s best selling 3D mechanical design software, for advanced 3D modeling, visualization and collaboration.

Analyitical Methods, Inc. Analytical Methods, Inc.

Analyitical Methods, Inc. is a world leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics consulting services and software to manufactures of fixed and rotary winged aircraft, guided munitions, high speed trains, formula 1 racecar teams, and submarines.   AMI's engineers have an average of 17 years experience in skills that span Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Propulsion, and Aeroelasticity.

Z Corporation Z Corporation

Z Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets the world’s fastest 3D Printers - machines that produce physical prototypes quickly, easily, and inexpensively from computer-aided design (“CAD”) and other digital data.

GM Nameplate GM Nameplate - SuperGraphics

SuperGraphics designs, prints, produces and installs large format 4-color graphics onto a wide variety of surfaces and substrates.   SuperGraphics is a division of GM Nameplate, Inc., an industry leader and innovator in graphic sub-component manufacturing.

Cimtech, Inc. Cimtech, Inc.

Cimtech provides laser scanning and digitizing services for a variety of reverse engineering applications, from product visualization to 3d modeling for manufacturing.

Marine Hardware Marine Hardware

Marine hardware designs, tools and manufactures state of the art industrial shipping and recreational boating parts.   It's facilities utilize both Fadal milling machines and Mazak turning centers.

Adventure Signs & Graphics. Adventure Signs & Graphics

Adventure Signs & Graphics has been the exclusive vinal graphics supplier to Russ Wicks since 1998.

Uflex USA Uflex USA

Manufacture and distributor of the world finest marine products, including controls, control cables, hatch lifters, steering systems, steering wheels, and related marine products.
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