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Miss Freei: The World's Fastest Propeller-driven boat

The Miss Freei became the world's fastest propeller-driven boat when driver Russ Wicks set a new mile straightaway record on June 15, 2000.   Wicks has received the official documents from both the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and the Union International Motonautique (UIM) certifying the record.

Miss Freei Unlimited Hydroplane breaking World Speed Record

While the Miss Freei will sometimes approach the 200 mile-per-hour mark in competition, Russ Wicks hit a top speed of 221 miles-per-hour en route to establishing the new World Speed Record.   At speed, Miss Freei throws over a ton of water into the air, creating a 200-foot "roostertail" shooting up to 40 feet high.

Team:               Superior Racing Team
Boat:                 U-25 Miss Freei
Year Built:       1999
Builder:             Rick Campbell
Place Built:       Friday Harbor, WA
Length:             30 feet
Width:               14.5 feet
Weight:             Approximately 7,000 pounds
Engine:             Lycoming L7C turbine (from Chinook helicopter)
Horsepower:   3,000
Fuel:                 Jet fuel
Propeller:         16"
Canopy:             F-16 Fighter canopy
Life Support:     On-board oxygen system
Top Speed:         221 mph

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